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Welcome to the web site of The Tamaritans Theatre Company, the premier amateur theatre company of Plymouth, Devon. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site, and find the information or help you were looking for. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can do to help. New Gates


Latest News

STOP PRESS! for A Bunch of Amateurs

The part of JEFFERSON STEELE will now be played by Noel Preston Jones

On Monday evening, we had our Technical Rehearsal for our production of “A Bunch of Amateurs”. During the second act, our leading man, Mr Jefferson Steele, played by the inimitable Jim Black, sustained an injury to his leg. He would like to say that this injury occurred whilst performing his own stunts -does walking from the middle of the stage slightly to the left count?

By Tuesday afternoon, his leg was in plaster and the Cumberland Centre had kindly furnished him with a pair of crutches.

In amateur theatre there are no stand-ins, understudies or stunt doubles (although there might be some doubling up of characters as this can be interesting theatrically!)

So, by the Dress Rehearsal, we had, in the true spirit of amateur theatre, and with enormous generosity of spirit, the leading man (Jim) taking notes from the auditorium (with an elevated leg) and the Director (Noel) attempting to play the leading man. There were numerous discoveries during the course of the evening. The dark glasses, essential to the characterisation of the ageing Hollywood superstar, proved to be an obstacle to, well, reading the script.

 “The show must go on” however. We hope that these last minute events do not detract too much from your enjoyment of “A Bunch of Amateurs”. In the circumstances, I know you will join me in wishing all of the cast and crew “Good luck” with the show although I would strongly advise against anyone uttering the words “Break a leg”!

Stage is set for A Bunch of Amateurs

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It's Show Week!

"A Bunch of Amateurs" opens on Wednesday and runs through to Saturday night. Book tickets here! We look forward to welcoming you.

Tickets can now be purchased for A Bunch of Amateurs

Tickets are available for A Bunch of Amateurs, 14-17th Feb 2018 at the Red House - see here for ticket options

January play reading is "This Happy Breed" Fri 26th Jan 2018

Thank you to the dozen members and guests who attended the play reading on Friday 26th January 2018 at 7.30pm at Manor Gardens. A very enjoyable evening with "This Happy Breed", a comedy by Noel Coward. Many thanks to Debbie for leading this.