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gate web2The Tamaritans Theatre Company is an amateur company. We are based in Manor Gardens, Plymouth and perform in the Drum Theatre, Theatre Royal, Plymouth and currently The Red House Theatre, School of Creative Arts. In the recent past we have performed at the Muse Theatre, Lipson Community College, Plymouth and the Devonport Playhouse in Plymouth.

We aim for the highest standard of amateur/semi-professional performance and welcome new members not only for acting but also potential directors, backstage technicians, front-of-house support and just general all-rounders who would like to pitch in and offer their expertise. We produce and stage plays, usually non-musicals, and the plays include comedies, drama, farce, historical drama and so on. Some of our productions are of an adult nature but mostly they are suitable for all the family.

We set ourselves high standards of performance, both acting and backstage.

The Company is a registered charity number 274244.