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The Tamaritans Theatre Company in Plymouth, Devon

Our July 2013 Production is:

Natural Causes

Author: Eric Chappell
Directed by: Geoff Strickland
At: Muse Theatre, Lipson College
Dates: 17 - 20 July 2013
Times: Wednesday - Saturday 7.30pm and Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm

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The Play

Vincent has an unusual occupation: his discovery of an odourless, tasteless, all natural poison which causes a painless suicide has turned him into a professional suicide merchant. When he is contacted by Walter Bryce, he arrives at the Bryces’ country house and mistakenly assumes that his product was intended for Walter’s consumption. It becomes clear that Walter’s wife Celia is the client – or is she? Why are all her suicide letters typed and unsigned? A Samaritan agrees to make a house call on the Bryces, but after talking to Vincent, even his faith in this “wonderful world” is shaken. After several thwarted attempts to poison various characters (resulting in multiple poisonings of a rubber plant), will anyone actually manage to drink the poison? This is black comedy at its blackest and best.

Vincent George Sutton
Walter Bryce Clive Lovatt
Angie Mia Rees
Celia Bryce Debbie Temple
Withers Peter Griffith
Directed by Geoff Strickland