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auditionsAuditions are open to all members and non-members. The only requirements are acting ability and an appropriate part being available. Please note that once you have been given a part in a production, you will need to join the Tamaritans as a full member.



The next auditions will be Summer production which is to be Neil Simon’s wonderful, side-splitting comedy Rumours. Performances will take place in the Drum Theatre from 19th to 23rd June. Rehearsals will start in mid-April. Noel Preston-Jones will be the Director.

The main auditions will take place at Manor Gardens on Monday 5th March, starting at 7.30pm. For anyone who is not available on that date, there will be a second session on Tuesday 6th March (at 7.30pm), but only if people contact Noel Preston-Jones in advance to let him know.

There are parts for 4 couples plus 2 police officers (one male & one female), as follows:
Christine Bevans: a lawyer; attractive but nervous; a fast talker
Ken Bevans: her over-bearing husband
Leonard Cummings: an accountant; his rapid patter has a slightly Jewish style; has a very long monologue towards the end of the play
Claire Cummings: his wife; calm but rather quippy & a bit of a gossip
Cookie Cusack: mature & capable; a TV chef with chronic back pain
Ernest Cusack: her devoted husband; a therapist
Ben Cooper: handsome, smooth, relatively young; a Parliamentary candidate
Cassie Cooper: his argumentative wife, always on edge
PC Conklin: a rather sceptical and careworn, middle-aged police constable. This is potentially the funniest role in the play.
WPC Casey: Conklin’s matter-of-fact sidekick (very few lines)

The ages of the characters are not set in stone. But the Coopers are the youngest couple and the Cusacks are probably the oldest couple.
The story: When 8 smartly-dressed guests arrive for dinner, the hosts are missing. Do any of them know what’s happened, or are their theories just rumours? With Ken deafened by a gunshot, Len suffering from whiplash, Cookie screaming with back pain, Ernest burning his hands in the kitchen and the Coopers arguing furiously, the party becomes chaotic. And then the police arrive …..

We are arranging to borrow some copies of the script from the Library in February. Contact Catherine Teague if you would like to read one of these copies.





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