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To leave your own review on one of our productions, please use the link below to send us the title of the play and your review and we will post it onto the website here.

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What an hilarious play and well presented by all concerned. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening.

Sally Buswell

Just wanted to say that we came to see A Man For All Seasons last night. It was stunning with fantastic acting and set. I was completely blown away!! Thank you for the wonderful portrayal of Sir Thomas More.

Gill Easterbrook

So, so good. Brilliantly acted by all. I would have stood up for my applause to you but I'm tall and it was a small space !

Clare Barber

Brilliant production, time flew by

Elizabeth Lightowlers

Congratulations on another high quality performance, and especially to the two new actors on their debuts. Look forward to the next production.


EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT Wonderful acting I was scared almost lifeless I sat in the front row as is my custom ,sorry if I upset anyone I couldn't help a slight shout. How to play dead (or not dead) to remember all the words also fascinates me  Helga was funny too (very cleverly portrayed)Porter Milgrim was scary too and as for Myra ,she was like a little scared rabbit .THANK YOU all so much  MY Friend and I certainly enjoyed it X X LOTS of GOOD WISHES


I saw the opening night of 'Hayfever' and was engrossed in the story from the moment the curtain rose. It was a very professional performance with a very talented cast of capable actors. The set and costumes were excellent and in perfect keeping with the time period. A highly polished performance and a very entertaining play! A huge well done to the cast and director. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very impressed with the high standard of the production. Thank you!

Rebekah Driscoll

Went last night (Wed). Brilliant. Superb performances by everyone. Brought back happy memories for me .I played Myra in1989 and loved it. We had kedgeree for breakfast!!!!! Well done !

Maeve Clooke

I saw the play on Thursday and was incredibly impressed. All the performances without exception were outstanding and so well matched to the part. The play itself, despite being from an era long ago, is still extremely funny and every bit of the humour was discovered and played to the full. The set and dressing were superb. It was my first visit to Devonport Playhouse and was struck by how I felt I was stepping back in time to the theatres of my childhood, which was the perfect setting for this play. A packed audience of 134 seemed to thoroughly enjoy the performance with me. Couldn't be bettered. Bravo!

Sally Buswell

We went to see ''Hay Fever' tonight (Friday). What a fantastic entertainment. Well presented, well performed, and we never stopped laughing. Well done to all concerned.

Phyl Vosper

BRILLIANT as always I took a friend who had never been before ,,she was so enthralled at the performance ,she has asked if she can come with me again ,so as I always come to your performances I will bring her too THANKS so MUCH Carry on the good work X

Sylvia Brice

What a funny play! About as black a comedy as they come and very well constructed. Well performed and congrats to all concerned.

Sally Buswell

Absolutely brilliant!! Great acting, great set. Especially loved the poor old rubber plant :-)

Lucy Sayer

From our Facebook page:-

Another cracking performance, absolutely loved it. I briefly thought about auditioning but Clive did point out you'd need considerably bigger buns!!!!!
Lucy Sayer
Saw it on Tuesday. Well done to all of you!
Claire Anderson
We saw the opening night...thought it was fabulous...you must have had such a laugh in rehearsals! X
Emma Titah
From Twitter:-
@TheTamaritans Great show last night! First time watching and not being in a show in the Drum for 3 years - fantastic show! x

Beautifully crafted moving play. Well done to all the cast and crew for an excellent production.

Sally Buswell

What a funny play! Well delivered and so fast paced it leaves you breathless. Ayckbourn at his best. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Sally Buswell

Brilliant night (Tuesday) Very funny, very well portrayed and a fascinating exploration of friendship and relationships. Congrats!

Sally Buswell

Brilliant 1st night. Very funny. Acting superb! Well done to all cast ,crew and director

Debbie Temple

A group of 12 attended Thursday evening performance. Enjoyed the production, well done to the cast...but what a shame about the constant swearing! We only needed to hear that the painting was S**T once!

Jo Meddings

I attended the Friday performance of "The Chalk Garden" and I have to say that I was very impressed. It is a difficult play from an acting and direction perspective. The language used is difficult and the interplay between the characters is a difficult one to convincingly protray. I thought that everyone did a fantastic job and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you to the director, cast and crew - you should be proud of yet another quality production from the Tamaritans.

Paul Churchley

This was an outstanding production. A powerful and thought-provoking play, with all 3 actors giving exceptional performances, and the whole production ranking right up there with the best plays I've ever seen. Superb.

Sally Buswell

Saturday night's performance was excellent - well done to everyone involved!

Sally Buswell

I saw Wednesday night's performance at 'The Drum'. I so enjoyed it and laughed loads! Just wish I was a member sooner, so that I could have been involved...here's to the next production..Congratulations everyone x

Emma Titah

Another TAMFASTIC treat!!

Marjorie Sayer

I thoroughly enjoyed Tuesdays performance and laughed loads. Well done everyone.

Di (Sounds Musical Theatre Co.)

I was there at the opening night...just to see what it was all about!...as am planning to join the company. I throughly enjoyed it and was made to feel very welcome by all concerned. Thank-you, Emma.

Emma Titah

I would have been rolling in the aisles if it wouldn't have hurt so much! Terrific show, great new venue, wonderful therapy. Thank you all :-)

Sally Buswell

Many many thanks for an excellent performance-we are never disappointed and sometimes forget that these productons are amatuer because they are so professionally done. It shows that you all work as a team to make all your productions so successful. The Edgcumbe Theatre was very good we felt we were at the cricket match! Thank you.

Anne Roberts

This was a spectacularly good show. Exceptional performances from everyone, direction that made a fairly opaque play into gripping drama, and set, costumes and light/sound that combined to make an unforgettable evening. Thank you to all those involved.

Sally Buswell

Fantastic evening. Huge congratulations to all the cast and backstage. Brilliant evening :-)

Sally Buswell

Excellent production - great performances, great set- congrats to everyone involved

Sally Buswell

Another cracking Tams production! Thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday night's performance, a real lift after the sadness following last weeks funeral... just what we all needed. As I said on the night to you Brian; a master class!

Lucy Sayer

Congratulations to Cast & Crew. An excellent production. Feed back from the Audience was great!! Well done everyone. Luv Elary

Elary Chetwynd

Thank you - absolutely brilliant performance - well done and congratulations to all concerned!
High quality production all round.
Would happily see it again and can't wait to read THE book again!

Marjorie Sayer

Well done to the Cast & Crew of Cash on Delivery - great show on Thursday! Love'n'kisses Helen & Kev

Helen Scott and Kevin Romaine

Superb! This was a huge credit to the cast, director and crew. With timing being so important in a fast-moving play such as this it requires great teamwork... clearly that is what you had. Very funny and very well done everyone!

Paul Churchley

saw 'Cash on Delivery' on Friday last... have not had such a 'belly' laugh in ages .... thank you so much for so many wonderful performances ....

Pat Gillies

An excellent performance (attended the last night) with a well balanced but fast paced story and some very well developed characters.

Altogether a great night out and thoroughly recommended.

Martin Sykes

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